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New Energy

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International NEW ENERGY development.

Structurally engaging private & sovereign equity as we navigate the worlds new energy market to procure, assess & implement high yielding assets in this challenging, dynamic & lucrative segment. The portfolio embraces new & clean energy technology deployment, generation, storage & efficiency. Our perceptive & diligent segment competence is instrumental to create & maintain a profit-making portfolio for our clients & stakeholders. 


Why New Energy? 

Human development is dependant the proper use of energy. For progress & innovation all benefactors must generate & effectively employ energy. Navigatio engages in profitable transparent merit based allocation of new energy capital via principles of responsible investment (PRI) to generate returns based on UN sustainable development goals (SDG). 


Utility & Distributed Scale, Micro-Generation, Energy Storage & Efficiency, Clean Tech. 

Engagement: Innovators, Consumers, Producers, Investors.


Capital Investments: 

Engagement via equity, debt securities or other equity interests. Navigatio seeks for it's client base:

Minority stake, participatory notes in Distributed, Micro-Generation, Clean Tech.

Minority stake & Controlling capital in Distributed & Utility scale.


Modus Operadus: 

New energy portfolio procurement, due diligence & direct C-Level engagement for effective capital deployment. Strategic interaction with innovators, producers, consumers & investors presenting portfolio opportunities.


Regional Operation:

USA, Canada (NAFTA), Scandinavia (Europe), Brazil (Latam) & India.

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